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We help those struggling with substance addiction find the correct rehabilitation centres across the United Kingdom, if you are struggling with addiction or know a loved one who is then please contact us today to start the road to recovery.

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AnorMed is an authority in drug and alcohol abuse information. We help people who are currently afflicted with substance abuse find rehabilitation centres across the United Kingdom, our service is completely confidential and supportive. We understand that there are many reasons why people go down the road of addiction, that is why we hold no judgement but there is always light at the end of the tunnel and you don’t have to be alone on your road to recovery.


The most effective form of treatment when it comes to drug & alcohol addiction is through recovery and rehabilitation with professionals who can offer them the support that they need. It is important for those struggling with addiction to undergo detox treatment in their rehabilitation process which must be done medically and supervised, we help those find the correct detox centre for their addiction to ensure their safety and attend the best rehabilitation programme for their current needs and situation.

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We have an existing network of rehabilitation centres across the United Kingdom that includes hundreds of rehab programmes, detox centres and private rehabilitation centres. These centres all have specialists that can help treat any form of addiction and self-destructive behaviour that is affecting your life.

An outpatient rehabilitation programme allows those that are battling substance addiction to live life as they normally would while remaining to still get a high level of treatment. Many people feel they can not afford to give up their responsibilities for a certain period of time so will start an outpatient rehabilitation programme. The flexibility that outpatient rehabilitation offers means that people working through their addiction can still work or spend time with their families.


Outpatient Rehabilitation will focus on many aspects to help those with addiction such as professional psychotherapy, counselling, support groups, cognitive therapy and other forms of treatment. An outpatient rehab facility will allow its patients to seek assistance during the day or evening and they can then go home to back their homes & families, rehab centre will offer their patients individual treatment plans based on their drug or alcohol addiction so their treatment is tailored to their current situation.


This form of rehabilitation is suggested to those who have a less aggressive substance addiction as you are still living through everyday life while in rehabilitation meaning you are still open to potential triggers and environment that cause your addiction.

When people think of rehabilitation, they often will think about inpatient rehabilitation which is where the patient will stay inside the rehabilitation centre supervised by professionals and medical staff for a period of time to work through the causes of their addiction and get healthy. Inpatient rehab centres have been found to be the most effective form of treatment when it comes to helping those with substance addiction. 


The duration of time that one spends inside of a inpatient rehab centre will vary depeping on the individual and the severity of their addiction but it is most commonly 1-3 months. Residental rehabs are secure, peaceful and away from any triggers and environments that may cause the user to take the substance that they are struggling with. Patients will have 24/7 support from staff & medical team, therapy and acitives that can help them with their mind and body. Patients will also recieve fellow support from peers who are struggling with addiction as they can talk through their addiction with those who understand. 


Inpatient rehab centres will assess you beforehand to hear your current situation then create a rehabilitation programme tailored to your needs as we understand that no road to recovery is the same as everyone is different.

Detoxification is the process of clearing and emptying the substance of alcohol or drugs out of your system. Rehabilation centres will need to perform a detoxification on it’s patients to bring the body back to it’s natural state, the point of detoxification is too safely manage the withdrawal symptoms which comes with removing the substance completely from your life after building up a dependency as patients will begin to feel as they can’t function properly throughout the day without using or drinking. 


People will experience detox differently as withdrawal symptoms can range from a number of things depending on a range of factors such as the users background, type of substance and length of use. It can take as short as one week for drugs to leave your system or it could last for a several number of weeks, it’s crucial that you undertake a detox programme as the first step on the road to recovery is making sure your body is healthy for when you undergo therapy sessions in your rehabilation programme.


Once you have successfully detoxed the substance out of your body, you can begin to work on the root of your addiction.

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If you drug & alcohol addiction is currently affecting your life heavily and causing you problems with your mental & physical health, it may be time to seek out help before it gets worse. Get confidential help for your addiction today from our friendly support team who can put you in contact with a rehabilitation centre who can offer you a programme tailored to your current situation.

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