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Help For A Friend Or Loved One

Are you starting to suspect that a close friend or a loved family member is showing signs of struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction? Help them get the treatment they need today through rehab.

Addiction can be a terrible affliction, not only is it terrible for a person to go through a drug & alcohol addiction but it can be seriously damaging for the people around them, especially their loved ones or close friends. If you know someone currently who is battling against a drug and alcohol addiction, you’ll know exactly how heartbreaking it can be to see someone change from their former selves. When people live closely with an addict, they’ll first start to show anger and disappointment towards them and it can be frustrating to see someone refusing to stop even when it’s affecting everyone around them but you must realise that addiction is an illness and the more you understand it the better you can help your loved one through the road to recovery.


By having more knowledge on the subject of addiction, you can start today to push them towards the well-needed help that they need. People who are battling against a substance addiction may put up a barrier that makes them seem like they only want to be with themselves but it can be hard to admit that they need your support and help, which means you shouldn’t give up on them. Get support from our rehab support team today who can help guide you on the next best steps on getting rehab treatment for your friend or loved one.

Signs Of A Substance Addiction

There are many signs of addiction depending on what chosen substance they are misusing as not all types of addiction are the same but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some common signs that addicts show in their everyday life. Are you starting to think that your loved one is battling against a drug or alcohol addiction, you must ask yourself first as they are showing these signs of substance addiction?

Is your friend or loved one currently showing a few of these signs? Then it may be time for you to stage an intervention for them to get rehab treatment inside a rehab centre so they can get the well-needed treatment.

How To Help A Loved One With Drug Or Alcohol Addiction

It can be very difficult to help a friend or loved one who is struggling with substance addiction as there is no quick fix to getting help. If they are at the stage of their addiction where they believe they are okay and refuse to change any of their behaviour as they don’t see any problems with it. It can be all then impossible in getting them the help that they need and sometimes it can lead to a close relationship being completely broken due to a lack of trust and constant arguing which can be devastating.

Some steps that you can take in order to help someone with a substance addiction is that you can address their behaviour due to the substance in a polite manner that isn’t judgemental and lecture them on how destructive their addiction is but instead listening to their problems, talk through everyday life and most importantly make sure that the conversation is two-way. People will be more inclined to see that they need help if you have an honest conversation with them where you share your feelings but most importantly that they can get whatever they need off their chest regarding their addiction.

Many people believe it’s easier to hide their friend’s or loved one’s behaviour or make excuses for why they are doing what they are doing but in the long run, you are only running away from the inevitable. You can start to blame yourself for why a loved one has an addiction but it is not your fault as you can’t control someone’s actions regardless of what you do. All hope isn’t lost though as rehab treatment is always around the corner to help treat those with addiction.

For more information on how to help a friend with drug addiction, please make sure to contact our experts today.

How Will Rehab Treat My Loved One’s Addiction?

When someone has started to accept that they have a problem with substance abuse, they have taken the first steps on the road to recovery. The most effective way to treat someone with an alcohol or drug addiction is through rehabilitation treatment from rehab centres. Rehab treatment can come in various different ways as not all addiction paths are the same.


The most popular solution due to how effective the process is inpatient rehab which allows patients to stay inside a safe environment where they can undergo a safe detox by medical professionals and get therapy from trained counsellors who can help them work through the mental side of addiction and find the causes of what triggers them to take the substance. By staying in a safe environment for a set period of time, they will get the well-needed break they require to get their mental and physical health back on track.


There are many different ways as we previously spoke about that can treat addiction, if you want to hear more then get in touch with our rehab support team who will be able to help your friend or loved one get rehabilitation treatment today.

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