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Ketamine addiction is a terrible affliction and many people may believe there is no way out of it but there is always hope through rehabilitation. Learn more about how rehabilitation centres can successfully treat your addiction so you can start getting back control of your life.

Ketamine is a drug that can be abused to produce a state of euphoria and hallucinations, but it’s also used as an anesthetic in hospitals. Because of this, ketamine addiction can be difficult to treat—it’s hard to get the body to stop reacting to the drug, even if you want it to but that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible.


Ketamine addiction often starts as a use disorder. People who develop a ketamine addiction will begin taking the drug repeatedly in order to get high, which can make them feel euphoric and more social than they would otherwise feel. This high can make them want to take more of the drug, leading to an increase in use and eventually an overdose when they take too much.


At some point, their tolerance for the drug will increase and they’ll need higher doses of it in order to achieve the same effects. This leads them down the path toward developing an addiction.


If you’re addicted to ketamine, rehab may be your best bet for recovery. Rehab facilities often have programs designed specifically for people who are addicted to drugs like ketamine. In these programs, you’ll learn about how addiction works in your brain and get special treatments that help you break the cycle of abuse.


Ketamine rehab can help you beat your addiction by helping you understand why you started using this drug in the first place: whether it was because of peer pressure or because someone gave it to you, there are ways to address these issues so that they don’t keep popping up again and again.

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What Is The Cause Of A Ketamine Addiction?

Ketamine is a drug that’s used in anaesthesia to block pain and make people feel calm. It’s also been used as an anaesthetic for patients undergoing surgery, but it can be abused by people who use it recreationally.


People who take ketamine recreationally will often take large doses of the drug at once, which can cause hallucinations and other side effects. Some people may also experience slowed breathing or paralysis from taking too much at once.


Ketamine is an opioid drug, which means that it affects the brain’s reward system—it causes feelings of pleasure and makes you want to repeat the activity that produced those feelings. That’s why someone who takes this drug recreationally will likely keep doing so even if they’re feeling uncomfortable because they want to feel good again.


Because ketamine has such strong effects on the brain and body, it makes sense that users would be reluctant to stop taking it even if they wanted to get clean.


Many people suffering from a ketamine addiction will want to get clean due to the pain addiction is causing them but because their body has become dependent on the drug, they feel they need to take the drug in order to ‘function.’


You shouldn’t think of yourself less due to your ketamine addiction as it can affect anyone from any walk of life. By admitting that you have a ketamine problem you have already taken the first step on the road to recovery and the next step is getting the needed treatment from a rehabilitation centre.

Signs Of A Ketamine Addiction

The case with many drugs is that there are many common signs and symptoms a user can display when abusing ketamine with some being unique to the person. There are a number of different reasons why these signs can be different such as the amount of ketamine taken over an extended period of time, the length of misuse plus genetics.


These are some of the most common signs that you should look out for when dealing with ketamine, by seeing these signs as soon as possible you can find rehabilitation to treat your ketamine addiction whether it is for yourself or a loved one. You do not have to suffer from this terrible affliction by yourself.

What Does Rehab Consist Of For A Ketamine Addiction

When you get in contact with our expert rehab support team, we will listen to your current situation and then put you in touch with the ideal rehabilitation centre to help treat your ketamine addiction. It’s important to not leave out any information on your assessment, rehabilitation staff are not here to judge you about your ketamine addiction but to help you beat it. 

Some of the information you’ll be required to give is a quick background of your ketamine addiction, how your personal life is plus your physical health. The reason why you need to give this information in your initial assessment as it allows rehab centres to learn more about your personality and where you are currently at. Once they have this, they are able to make a smart tailored plan that can help treat your ketamine addiction.

When you are admitted into rehabilitation, you will undergo a ketamine detox which is the process of removing all traces of ketamine from your system – when in rehabilitation, you’ll be in a safe environment monitored by medical professionals. How long the ketamine detox process takes depends on a lot of factors such as genetics, the length of time using ketamine and the amount used on a daily basis.

While you are doing a ketamine detox and after you finish your detox – you will start to partake in several types of therapy depending on your personality which includes CBT, fitness therapy, group therapy and more. Addiction therapy is super important for a successful recovery as a lot of the focal point of a ketamine addiction is purely psychological and through therapy, you will be able to talk through your problems, learn more about yourself and find the root of your ketamine addiction. 

By understanding yourself more and your ketamine addiction you start to be equipped with the knowledge of battling against your ketamine addiction so you have the best chance of not suffering from a relapse.

Get Rehabilitation Treatment For Your Ketamine Addiction

You can recover from ketamine addiction with effort and willpower. Ketamine addiction is curable. You don’t have to go through it alone since we can put you in touch with a specialised rehab facility so they can start treating your ketamine addiction. Through recovery, take the first significant step toward a happier and better life.


Speak to our friendly rehab support team who can listen to your current situation and put you in contact with an ideal rehabilitation centre to treat your ketamine addiction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have any questions about how rehabilitation can help treat your ketamine addiction? We’ve created this FAQ section to answer the common questions we get asked when people enquire about ketamine rehab in order to help you understand more – if you have any other questions please contact our friendly rehab support team.

Your addiction to ketamine will need to be treated, but will recovery be effective? It won't be simple, but the answer is yes. There is much more to drug addiction than just a physical need on ketamine. Additionally, it is a mental and emotional dependency that can be hard to shake. Rehabilitation calls for a significant change in lifestyle and outlook on life in addition to long-term counselling for coping with cravings and withdrawal symptoms, which can last up to six months or even longer after completing rehab treatment. Rehabilitation entails much more than simply detoxing from the drug of choice.

Depending on how severe your addiction is, the answer to this question will vary. A one-month stay at a treatment facility is usual, but depending on your ketamine usage frequency and the severity of your addiction, it might take up to three months or more.

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