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Prescription Drug Rehab

Prescription drug rehab is a critical step for individuals struggling with prescription drug addiction. Through specialised programs and compassionate support, prescription drug rehab centres aim to help individuals break free from the cycle of addiction and achieve lasting recovery.

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Prescription drug abuse is more common than you may think. Prescribed by medical professionals, prescription drugs are given out to individuals that genuinely need them. Although prescription drugs are given to people that will benefit from them initially, many tend to misuse the drug.


Similar to other drugs such as cocaine or heroin, prescription drugs are easy to get addicted to, which is why it’s important not to misuse the drug or take higher doses than usual. Building up a tolerance to prescription drugs could increase your chance of becoming addicted – many people are unaware that they’ve created a tolerance to the drugs that they’ve been prescribed until they stop taking them.


Here at AnorMed, we have many rehab admissions related to prescription drugs. We encourage prescription drug addicts to come forward if they’re seeking help or want to know more about treatment options – our friendly team of medical professionals has a no-judge attitude and a caring nature.


Each rehab programme is tailored specifically to suit your needs and requirements, which is something we take pride in being able to do. Our patients are important to us, and we work hard to ensure they feel comfortable throughout the duration of their prescription drug treatment.


Whether you’ve recently become addicted to your prescription drugs or have been battling with issues long-term, we will be able to help. When you abuse prescription drugs, both your physical and mental health has the potential to deteriorate.


There’s an array of negative side effects that comes with prescription drug misuse. Drug addiction treatment and rehabilitation are necessary when you’re trying to overcome your issues. Addiction in general can impact close family and friends as well as yourself, which can cause you to rely on the drugs in question even more.


If you’re aware that you’re misusing prescription drugs daily, then now is the time to get help. Overcoming addiction isn’t easy, but with the right help and guidance, you’ll be able to feel like yourself again. Taking prescription drugs more than intended can end up doing more bad than good, even if they were prescribed to you to make you better.


With a plethora of professional services available at our AnorMed centres, you’ll get proficient treatment and be put on a therapy programme once you’ve been fully accessed. We offer both outpatient and inpatient rehab for those that require either. To find out more about prescription drug rehab, read on.


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Risk Factors for Prescription Drug Addiction

There are many risk factors to consider when becoming addicted to prescription drugs. It can be daunting coming to the realisation that you might be dependent on drugs that were given to you by medical professionals, but there’s no reason to feel embarrassed or ashamed when you approach the AnorMed team. Those at greatest risk include older adults, females, those in both poor and fair health, and daily alcohol drinkers.


Addiction is complex, brought on by many reasons including your lifestyle and genes. When you begin taking your prescribed medications for other reasons than the purpose told by your doctor, you’re not only an abuser of the drug but also a potential addict.


Coming to terms with addiction can be upsetting, especially if you’ve become addicted to the drug in favour without realising it. Other risk factor variables for prescription drug addiction could also include family history, upbringing, environment, socioeconomic status, and drug availability also play a role in a person’s risk of addiction.


Painkillers, antidepressants and weight-loss tablets are on the list of some of the most commonly abused prescription drugs. Just like any other drug, substances prescribed by your doctor can end up having a negative effect on your body, resulting in death if continued long-term – this is why it’s crucial to get your addiction under control.


Years of research have shown that addiction to any drug (illicit or prescribed) is a brain disease that can be treated effectively. Our rehab treatment centres can help those addicted to co-codamol, amphetamine, diazepam, codeine and opioids (buprenorphine) to name a few.


Opioids, depressants and stimulants are the most commonly abused prescription drugs. There are many prescription drugs that you can become addicted to, some harsher than others, but AnorMed can work to find the right rehab clinic to suit you.


Why Prescription Drug Rehab Helps

High blood pressure, impulsivity, slurred speech, depression, anxiety, lack of eye coordination and memory issues are all common signs of prescription drug addiction. Drug addiction rehab is the place to go if you’re struggling. Our team of specialists have sufficient experience and knowledge to source rehab in order to get prescription drug addicts back to their once-healthy selves.


Withdrawal symptoms such as increased heart rate, vomiting, fatigue and irritability can occur when you go through the detox stage, but with the right people around you remaining on hand, you won’t need to worry about anything.


Both inpatient and outpatient treatments are available here at AnorMed, where we’ll treat you like one of our own with a kind, caring approach. Along with detoxing your body from the prescribed drugs, you’ll also be given therapy treatment, whether that be alone or as part of a group.


The main priority of rehab is to allow your body to heal and overcome your addiction. Each patient is given hands-on support around the clock, so you can rest assured that you’re in the safest of hands. Having reviewed previous patients and our success rates, it’s clear to see that we source the most efficient rehab.


Here at AnorMed, we know first-hand the importance of overcoming addiction – there’s no time like the represent, and it’s crucial that you get it under control before it’s too late. Once you feel comfortable enough to go back into the world again with a fresh mentality, we will continue to give you all the support that you need.


Although relapse is possible, we believe that it won’t happen if you take on the advice that we’ve given. Our rehab centres allow you to talk openly about your issues, which will hopefully let you go forward into the future knowing how to handle bad situations much better.


Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any lingering questions or ongoing queries about our prescription drug rehab, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team today. We look forward to being of assistance to those that require it.

Prescription drug rehab is a structured treatment program designed to help individuals overcome addiction to prescription medications. It involves a combination of therapies, counseling, and support to address the physical and psychological aspects of addiction.

The duration of prescription drug rehab varies based on individual needs and the severity of addiction. It can range from 30 days to several months, with some programs offering extended care for ongoing support.

Prescription drug rehab often includes behavioral therapies, individual counseling, group therapy, and family therapy. These approaches help individuals understand their addiction, learn coping skills, and build a support network for recovery.

Yes, prescription drug rehab can be highly effective in treating addiction when tailored to individual needs. Combining evidence-based therapies with a supportive environment offers a higher chance of achieving and maintaining lasting recovery.

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