Alcohol Use Disorder

Having difficulty quitting alcohol? If you are not unsure of what an alcohol use disorder is, you may have one. We’ve written this page to explain why it’s difficult for people to stop drinking and how to deal with the problem through alcohol rehabilitation.

Learn More About Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD)

If you are currently struggling with beating an alcohol addiction, you could be suffering from an Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) which is a medical condition that is characterised as a diminished capacity to stop drinking or exert control over your drinking despite when you know drinking alcohol will lead to social consequences that affect their everyday life, harm those around them plus damage their physical health.


It is well known to have the same conditions that most people associate with alcohol dependence, misuse, and addiction. Depending on the user, AUD is a brain illness that can be mild, moderate, or severely severe. Alcohol abuse continues to cause permanent alterations in the brain, which increases the risk of recurrence.


There is no need to suffer with your AUD as there is always hope out there for you regardless of how serious your alcohol use disorder is – there are many forms of rehab treatment available across the United Kingdom that are extremely effective in helping those who suffer from an alcohol addiction achieve sobriety and create a happy healthy lifestyle.


Rehab treatment is the most effective solution when it comes to treating patients who suffer from alcohol problems – while in rehab, you can undergo detox which allows the alcohol to leave your bloodstream while under medical supervision at all times as it is highly dangerous to undergo a detox while by yourself due to withdrawal symptoms. You will be able to work through your addiction problems while in rehab as you have access to different types of therapy tailored to your personality.


If you are starting to suspect that you have a severe alcohol use disorder or feel someone in your family is currently struggling with their AUD then do not wait for the worse to happen and reach out for support today as extended alcohol abuse over a certain period of time can lead to severe health and mental problems.

Signs & Symptoms Of Alcohol Disorder

The signs and symptoms that are common with alcohol abuse will overlap with alcohol use disorder, the major difference between the two is that alcohol abuse will have a more immediate effect on the body & mind while AUD symptoms will begin to show further down the line but you can start to recognise the change in behaviours.


If you currently misuse alcohol on a daily basis, there is a high chance that you have a large amount of alcohol in your blood system. Due to having high concentration of alcohol in your body, you will start to show physical symptoms which can include:

Misusing large amounts of alcohol on a daily basis can lead to more severe problems which can be fatal, such as breathing problems and alcohol poisoning-induced coma.

How Does AUD Affect Mental Health?

When you abuse alcohol on a daily basis, you start to become more prone to risky behaviour that you wouldn’t do in a sober mind state due to being cognitively impaired because of alcohol – this type of behaviour can lead to serious mental health issues, physical injury either on yourself or those around you or in some cases even death.


People who battle with AUD are more prone to having suicidal tendencies, there has been research done on AUD over the years and they have found that there is a link between alcohol abuse and behaviour that includes a higher urge for violent acts, high-risk sexual acts and people are more prone to try getting behind the wheel of a motor vehicle, not only is this highly dangerous for yourself but it can ruin other peoples lives.


While being under the influence of alcohol, you should never try to operate a vehicle beyond the limit in the UK.

How Does AUD Affect Mental Health?

Those who currently suffer from alcohol addiction or an alcohol use disorder will carry on drinking the substance as they don’t want to face the prospect that they have an alcohol problem.


Ignoring your alcohol use disorder and not seeking out help can lead to long-term effects that can damage your physical and mental health.


Some of these long-term effects are:

When you have been misusing alcohol for a long period of time, when you attempt to quit drinking you’ll start to suffer from alcohol withdrawal symptoms – these types of symptoms can be different depending on the person and the severity of them can depend on how long you’ve been drinking for but they include nausea, heavy sweating, shaking and more.


If you heavily abuse alcohol, attempting to withdraw can lead to more painful symptoms such as hallucinations, seizures and heavy fever.


If you’ve attempted to withdraw yourself from alcohol and suffered from withdrawal symptoms so you’ve turned back to drinking to stop them. We understand how difficult it can be to stop alcohol as it is one of the most damaging addictions but the most effective way to detox is through a rehab centre that can help you through any withdrawal symptoms as it can be very dangerous to attempt to detox by yourself.

Find Rehab Treatment For Alcohol Use Disorder

You do not have to suffer from alcohol use disorder forever, there is always a path on the road to recovery. Through rehabilitation, you can get well-needed treatment to treat your alcohol addiction. Inside rehab centres, you’ll have access to trained medical professionals who will be able to help you through alcohol withdrawal symptoms in the right manner.



As individuals, we are all unique. That’s why rehabilitation centres will create a tailored approach to treating your alcohol addiction as there are many different types of factors that you will have to take into account which include the length of time drinking, genetics, personality, and the amount drunk on a daily basis and many more.


While undergoing detox and after you’ve finished you will go through therapy, there are a wide variety of therapies available that you can do which can help you learn more about yourself and find the root of your addiction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have concerns regarding alcohol use disorder? Learn more about dealing with alcohol disorders by getting the answers through our most frequently asked questions section where we talk about how rehab can help treat your addiction.

Getting someone who is dependent on alcohol or drugs to seek help isn't always simple. They may be afraid of what will happen or unwilling to let their loved ones know how bad things are. But it's worthwhile if you genuinely care about them. You don't have to go through this alone; the professionals at the recovery centre are ready to offer guidance and assistance.

Treatment that can assist you in overcoming this issue is alcohol addiction rehab. It's critical that you seek treatment for alcoholism as soon as you can. The earlier you do this, the simpler it will be for your body and mind to heal from the harm that alcohol has caused. Rehab centres are places where persons with drinking issues can get assistance to stop drinking. In addition to providing counselling and support groups for addicts in recovery, education about the negative effects of alcoholism on one's health and finances, and other activities like relaxation therapy or outdoor activities, they also provide medical care for any physical issues resulting from excessive drinking.

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