Prescription Drug Addiction

Prescription drug addiction is one of the less talked about addictions due to its legal nature but that doesn’t mean it isn’t life-destroying. If you feel your addiction is causing you great distress physically and mentally or know any loved ones who have changed due to prescription drugs, reach out to our team to get help today.

What Is An Prescription Drug Addiction?

Prescription drugs are substances that have been approved and prescribed by doctors or medical professionals for actual legitimate use that could benefit someone. These drugs hold good benefits that can help treat one but just like any drugs they hold addictive qualities that can cause people to take more than prescribed which ultimately leads to full-blown prescription drug addiction. These types of drugs can just be dangerous and addictive as cocaine, heroin and many more but they aren’t talked about enough due to them technically being legal.


These prescribed substances that are given to individuals have psychoactive effects, these effects make people addicted to their prescription drugs as psychoactive drugs make people dependent on taking the drug meaning people will seek out taking the drug in order to feel normal. The most common journey through prescription drug addiction is that the individual will start taking the substance for a legit reason that can benefit them in the short term but due to them consuming the drug frequently they will create a tolerance that leads to them taking more which causes a dependency.


As they can’t get more of their medical professional as it would be over the prescribed amount, they will begin to look for other ways to get the drug illegally.

Most Common Prescription Drug Addictions

There are many different types of addictive prescription drugs out there. These drugs hold massive potential for them to be misused and abused by people. The ones most commonly talked about are our painkillers, antidepressants all the way to people abusing fat loss tablets.


We’ve put down a list of some of the most common prescription drugs that lead to addiction if taken wrong. Prescription drugs are normally called by their ‘brand’ name which we have labelled for you:

There are many other prescription drugs that people suffer from addiction to in the United Kingdom but these are some of the most frequent ones that you could come across.

Signs Of Prescription Drug Addiction

It can be difficult to spot a prescription addiction suddenly as it builds over time but during this period of time, you may start to notice some signs that you are doing or notice a loved one’s behaviour change. One massive sign that you are addicted is that you are trying to visit the doctors frequently in order to get more or reaching out to purchase them illegally.


After taking the drug frequently, people start to lose major interest in their old hobbies or activities that they enjoyed plus they avoid spending time with their family or friends in order to seek or take their chosen prescription drug.


A big change that can be a massive sign that someone is addicted to prescription drugs is a change in appearance, the person may stop taking care of their personal appearances such as weight loss/gain, bloodshot eyes, scruffy hair/beard and more.


Those with a heavy dependence on prescription drugs may suffer from severe mood swings, if they haven’t consumed the drug in a certain period of time they can start to become restless causing them to be moody or unable to sleep properly.


It can be difficult to admit that you or a loved one has a problem with prescription drugs but the first step in any recovery is admitting that there is a problem with how it’s affecting your mental and physical health. Start to seek out help today for prescription drugs through rehab for your best chance of recovery.

Treatment Options For Prescription Drug Addiction

The most effective treatment in the long-term in treating prescription drug addiction is through rehab. Addiction is a chronic disease that makes you believe that you need drugs in order to function and be normal. This leads to compulsion and the need to take drugs which is mostly in the mind and can be treated through rehab.


There are many different rehab treatment options available for individuals such as outpatient rehab, inpatient rehab and 12-step programs. Rehab treatment programs are tailored to individuals as no journey is the same.


Inside rehab, you will undergo detox which will remove the substance from your body completely. It’s important to undergo detox in a rehab where there are medical professionals and it is supervised as there is a massive risk when trying to go cold turkey by yourself that can lead to seizures and in some cases can be fatal as it is a shock to the body.


Contact our rehabilitation team today who can successfully guide you or your loved one to their best options in rehab to get them on the road to recovery and living their best life.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve put together this section to answer the most frequently asked quetions we get on prescription drug addiction and prescription drug rehab.

Many people who are currently struggling with prescription drug addiction are afraid that they are stuck forever in a cycle and rehab will not work in treating their addiction. The underlying truth is that rehab does work when you get the right help that's fitted to your situation. We can get you in touch with the correct rehab centre for your prescription drug addiction that can successfully detox your body plus work through therapy to help you understand your addiction more and the root against it. You must recognise that rehab isn't an overnight process and you will have to work hard in order to beat your addiction.

Prescription drug rehab is the perfect way you can start getting back to your former self or break the cycle of drug abuse. The time of prescription drug rehabilitation will all depend on the person as there are many deciding aspects that you need to take into consideration such as the amount taken on a daily basis, the length of time you've abused prescription drugs and more. On average rehab will be from 1-3 months depending on the person but people still get support from rehab long after they leave.

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