Alcohol Addiction

Are you currently suffering with an alcohol addiction or know a loved one who is? We understand how difficult it can be trying to live everyday with this affliction but you don’t have to suffer in silence, get help from our team who can get you on the road to recovery today.

Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol addiction can be one of the hardest afflictions that you can free yourself from, one of the main reasons is due to the fact that alcohol is heavily normalized in our current society and you may find that there is a lot of pressure to consume alcohol through advertisements, social media and more.


Another reason as well is that it is legal to purchase from many stores so it is easily accessible. Attempting to wean yourself off alcohol through detoxing your body can be a very hard task with the strong almost uncontrollable urges to drink plus it can be extremely dangerous to do it by yourself with the health risks that come with stopping drinking completely.


When drinking alcohol on a daily basis for some time, your body starts to become accustomed to it meaning you will begin to up your intake to start trying to feel the same effects that you once felt before.


Alcoholism is extremely rife across the United Kingdom but one of the main problems is that it is not talked about enough or people do not take the time to understand alcohol addiction. Many people could start to begin to take back their life if they go into rehabilitation but are discouraged from reaching out for support.


You will come across many different signs of alcohol addiction but one of the most frequent signs that you may notice in a person’s behaviour is that they are beginning to pour all of their time throughout the day into drinking alcohol and that will become their main priority no matter what day it is.


Drinking habits can start to build up quicker than you may realise with you suddenly spending every penny you have on alcohol or you start to hide how much you are drinking from yourself, family and friends.

Signs Of An Alcohol Addiction

Realising the signs early or coming to grips with your alcohol addiction can start you on the right path and help contact rehabilitation for either yourself or a loved one that you may suspect has an alcohol addiction. 


These are the most spoken and discovered signs that you may find when dealing with an alcohol addiction:

Alcohol Addiction Withdrawal Symptoms

When someone has consumed alcohol frequently in large doses over a certain period of time, their body is now used to having alcohol in its system inside the bloodstream. If you start to try to remove it completely then your body will send off sort of an alert that something is not quite right which is most commonly known today as ‘withdrawal symptoms.’


Withdrawal symptoms are your body’s way of signalling to you that something has changed and now it has to drastically change to a sudden drop of alcohol inside the bloodstream so you can survive.


This can lead to a person becoming very sick and if you have severe withdrawal symptoms from a long period of alcohol abuse then there is a high chance that your withdrawal symptoms can be fatal due to seizures, delirium tremens and more.


That is why it is important that you reach out to rehabilitation with medical professionals who can support and medically treat you throughout the withdrawal stage.


Some of the most common symptoms of alcohol addiction are tremors, high anxiety, panic attacks, vomiting, heavy perspiration and a strong urge to consume alcohol.


Not every withdrawal symptom stage is the same and there are many things you need to take into consideration before you start such as the length of time of your alcohol addiction, how much you consume on a daily basis and many more.


By reaching out for rehabilitation for medical support, they will be able to advise you correctly and the best route in treating your alcohol addiction so you can start the road to recovery today.

Rehabilitation Treatments For Alcohol Addiction

There is always light at the end of the tunnel and you do not have to suffer in silence, there are many rehabilitation facilities and treatments out there for those suffering from alcohol addiction. Do not delay in starting your road to recovery today and reach out for expert rehabilitation to get you living the life that you always dreamed of.


Drinking alcohol frequently in large doses every day will sooner or later start to put a massive strain on both your physical and mental health. By getting alcohol rehab for your addiction you can start to undergo a medically supervised detox and start to begin therapy on finding the root of your addiction so you can battle against it.


Through therapy sessions, you have trained counsellors with who you can discuss, open up to and discover more about yourself.


Walking down the road to recovery isn’t a path you have to take alone, in rehabilitation you will have support medically, mentally and physically. It requires a lot of willpower and determination to achieve sobriety and bravery to reach out for rehabilitation but it will all be worth it when you take back control of your life!

Frequently Asked Questions

We frequently get asked these questions about dealing with alcohol addiction and furthermore about what rehab entails, if you have anymore questions please use our support team.

In short terms, yes rehabilitation is the perfect treatment to help you recover from alcohol addiction. The main goal of rehab is to provide an individual with a safe environment surrounded by medical professionals and therapies that they can speak to so they can get support on finding the root of the addiction. Rehab can help heal physical, mental, social and any spiritual aspects that they might discover or refind in themselves.

Alcohol addiction is unfortunately something that doesn't just go away overnight and will have some consequences that you will have to deal with head-on. Rehab programmes are tailored to an individual to help them overcome their addiction and start becoming the healthiest version of themselves they can be. How long it will take truly depends on a wide range of factors such as how bad your addiction is, how long you've been drinking and more. Rehab centre staff will be able to come up with a plan that is right to treat your alcohol addiction.

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