Cocaine Addiction Rehab

Do you or someone you know have a cocaine addiction? Here, we go into more detail about cocaine addiction, the different types of rehab services that are available to you, and the advantages of receiving treatment for your cocaine addiction in a rehab centre where you will have a safe environment to heal.

There has been a massive rise in the misuse of cocaine over the last couple of years all across the United Kingdom which ultimately leads to thousands battling a cocaine addiction. Cocaine addiction can affect anyone from all walks of life whether you are working class or well off, addiction does not discriminate. We work with the top rehab centres in the United Kingdom to help those struggling with cocaine addiction get the well-needed treatment they require through rehabilitation.


Cocaine dependency is one of the most difficult addictions to kick due to the nature of the substance and it may look like you are out of options but that is not the case. There is always hope through rehabilitation if you are struggling with cocaine addiction or know a loved one who is battling against it. Reach out to our friendly rehab support team today who will be able to put you in touch with the right treatment for your situation as soon as possible.


There are a bunch of high-quality cocaine rehabilitation centres that are able to treat people in a friendly, supportive manner as addiction is truly unique to the person as we are all different. When speaking to rehab centres, you will first undergo an individual assessment that gives them perspective on your current situation and personality which means they can create a tailored plan to help treat your cocaine addiction in a manner that suits you.


The most effective solution to treating your cocaine addiction is through rehabilitation centres as rehab centres focus on all aspects of substance addiction. You will be able to undergo a safe detox by medical professionals as it can be dangerous to attempt to withdraw cocaine from your system by yourself and work through your addiction problems in therapy. Reach out for rehabilitation today so you can start to take back your life today and get to the healthiest version of yourself.

cocaine addiction rehab

What Can I Expect In Cocaine Rehab?

There are lots of different types of treatment available to help cocaine addicts successfully end their cocaine dependency. While in rehabilitation, you will go through three crucial steps to help you beat your addiction and that includes detox, therapy and aftercare. Cocaine addiction isn’t something that goes away overnight and it will require a lot of determination and work in order to live a sober-free lifestyle but rehab centres will always provide you with the support that is needed.


A lot of people that are addicted to cocaine will often also suffer from dual-substance abuse which means that they mix cocaine with other substances including alcohol, prescription drugs and more. Rehab centres will be able to create a tailored plan that can work you off both substances.


When someone decides to quit cocaine, after a certain period they may suffer from withdrawal symptoms, these types of symptoms can be extremely painful to the patient and if they are not in a drug-free environment they will seek out the substance in order to feel ‘better’ again. Cocaine addiction is one of the most dangerous vices and withdrawal symptoms can make it even harder to quit. That is why it is recommended that you do a safe detox inside a rehab centre.


There can be a wide variety of withdrawal symptoms that you may suffer from when taking cocaine, some are physical which include shaking, nausea and more but a lot are heavily psychological such as depression, anxiety, paranoia and many more. A big psychological withdrawal symptom is that it can lead to intense cravings that can often result in severe mood swings but through rehabilitation, you will always have support to talk. 


That is why we recommended beating your cocaine addiction by speaking to a rehab centre today that can help you in all aspects of beating your addiction. Our team will be able to put you in touch with the correct rehab centre for your cocaine addiction, situation and budget.

Cocaine Addiction Rehabilitation Treatments

When you check into a rehabilitation centre for your cocaine addiction, you will always be safely medically supervised by trained staff with experience in dealing with cocaine addiction. Detoxing cocaine from your system will usually take seven days on average but it can change depending on each patient due to a wide range of factors such as genetics, the severity of addiction, amount consumed and more.


While you are detoxing and after, cocaine addiction is mainly psychological. The most effective way you can work through your addiction is through therapy. Psychotherapy is designed to help improve the mental outlook of patients and help find the causes plus triggers of their addiction that makes them seek out cocaine so they can create defences to battle against any potential cravings in future to avoid relapse.


Some of the most common type of therapies are:

The main idea of therapy treatment is for patients to help understand themselves more and dive deeper into their cocaine addiction so that they can have a better outlook on life and become more positive every day. Rehab centres are full of caring advisers, some have even come back from addiction themselves and have dedicated their lives to helping others. Through rehabilitation, you can start getting the support you need today to make a full recovery.


By finding ‘triggers’ of what sets you off to crave cocaine, you can start to build positive strategies in order to fight against potential urges till one day it rarely enters your mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have inquiries about drug rehabilitation programmes? With the help of these frequently asked questions, learn more about cocaine rehab and get the answers – if you still have any lingering questions please contact our rehab support team who will answer anything.

Your addiction to cocaine will be treated in rehab. Your drug issue can best be resolved in rehab. We can assist you with such concerns, so you don't have to worry about dealing with cravings or withdrawal symptoms on your own. Every day of the week, counsellors and therapists are accessible to speak with you, and they're there to support you as you navigate this challenging period in your life.

The price of cocaine addiction therapy varies based on the extent of your issue and the kind of care you require. The monthly cost of a residential treatment facility might range from £800 to £8,000 or more to recuperate from this state. The most crucial thing is that the person seeks expert assistance and continues to be dedicated to improving.

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