Cocaine Addiction

Are you dealing with an cocaine addiction or know a loved one who is battling this terrible addiction? We understand how hard it can be trying to live every day with this affliction but you don’t have to walk this road alone, get help from our team who can get you on the road to recovery today.

What Is A Cocaine Addiction?

Cocaine addiction is becoming more and more common across the United Kingdom. It is a chronic disease that heavily influences your brain by changing the structure and function, this causes a dependency which leads you to believe that you need to take cocaine in order to feel ‘normal’ and that you can’t go a day without it. A dependency always starts to lead to an addiction.


Cocaine is known to be one the most highly addictive substances that you can find as it severely alters a person’s mood and changes their behaviour drastically by damaging the brain’s chemicals. Cocaine addiction can destroy your life if you don’t start to fight against it today.


When taking cocaine, the reason that you get a sudden euphoric and pleasant feeling is because cocaine triggers the dopamine receptors inside your brain’s reward system making you believe that you’ve done something great. Rewarding yourself with too much unnatural dopamine will start to have a toxic effect on the nerve cells inside your brain which can damage your mental health heavily in the long run.


This massive ‘high’ is what makes the substance cocaine so addictive and sought after – people with cocaine addictions who use it frequently on a daily basis start to get increased urges that feel uncontrollable. By reaching out for rehabilitation today, you can start to successfully detox your body in a medically supervised way by trained professionals and you can speak with counsellors who can help find the root of your addiction.

Signs Of An Cocaine Address

Cocaine addiction is a chronic condition that can seriously affect the inside of your brain over a length of time. You can begin to identify cocaine addiction through these signs, many people will already know the signs of cocaine addiction as they are mainly characterised as drug seeking by any means necessary even when it is negatively affecting their mental and physical health in a bad way.


Not all cocaine addiction signs are just mental though as there are many physical signs that can show that a person is currently suffering from cocaine addiction. These physical signs can be dilated pupils (increased pupil size), dry mouth, sudden loss of weight, shaking and heavily sweating.


The initial ‘rush’ or ‘high’ people get from taking cocaine will only last on average around thirty minutes before they start feeling the effect of withdrawal. This means that those suffering from cocaine addiction will begin to seek out cocaine anyway regardless of the social consequences so they don’t have to feel the negative effects of withdrawal.


The mental signs of cocaine addiction can be depression, anxiety, heavy cravings for cocaine and severe mood swings. If you are starting to suspect that you have a cocaine addiction or know a loved one that is currently fighting their addiction then the best step to start taking your/their life back is through drug rehabilitation, reach out today.

Rehabilitation Treatment For Cocaine Addiction

Do not think of rehabilitation as some miracle quick fix that instantly stops a cocaine addiction. It is a long process that requires determination, willpower and most importantly acceptance to change for the better. In rehabilitation, you will undergo detoxification of the body which helps remove the cocaine substance from your body completely so you are clean.


Depending on the severity of your cocaine addiction, the time of detoxification can range from person to person. Once completed you can begin to move on to therapy, there are many different types of therapy options out there that are tailored to the individual as not just one therapy works for everyone.


One of the most popular therapies amongst patients is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) which focuses on finding the root of your addiction and helping in making more positive changes in how you think and behave. There are other options such as group therapy where you can talk with people who are also battling against addiction, gym therapy that can help you work on strengthening your body plus mind and many more. 


Do not suffer in silence today, reach out to our rehabilitation expert team who can help you or a loved one that you know start to beat their cocaine addiction and make them live the life they always dreamed of.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have more questions about cocaine addiction and rehab? We’ve put together this section to answer any questions you may have regarding cocaine addiction.

One of the main questions that we get ask does rehab actually work in treating a cocaine addiction? Many people struggle with cocaine addiction and the first step is admitting they have a problem and will need to make a change or go back to their best former selves, the only problem is breaking the cycle. Rehab will work for your cocaine addiction as you can find many effective treatments that can successfully detox and treat your cocaine addiction through different types of therapy.

Unfortunately, rehab isn't just a one-size-fits-all. How long rehab treatment will take for your cocaine addiction depends on many different factors - you will need to take into consideration how long you've been consuming cocaine and the height of your addiction. Rehab centre staff will be able to create a plan tailored to you and you can request more support if you feel you need it.

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