Ketamine Addiction

Do you have an ketamine problem or do you have a loved one who does? We understand how difficult it can be to go about your daily life with this ailment, but you don’t have to suffer in silence; seek help from our team today and get on the road to recovery.

What Is A Ketamine Addiction?

The use of Ketamine in the United Kingdom has risen in the last couple of years leading to more people suffering from addiction. Ketamine or as it’s known in short ‘ket’ is a very strong hallucinogen drug. The intended use for this substance was for an anaesthetic but unfortunately, it has found its way onto the streets and in nightclubs causing people to misuse and abuse it.


Due to there being a massive growth in people misusing ketamine across the UK, there have been major consequences in damaging individuals’ physical and mental health in a bad way. If you feel that your ketamine addiction is starting to seriously damage your everyday life or notice a loved one currently struggling with ketamine then please do not delay reaching out for rehabilitation before it gets worse.

Signs Of Ketamine Addiction

People that take ketamine addiction in small doses may start to experience a major loss of time and their current surroundings. One of the most common examples that people say when they abuse ketamine is that objects look a lot smaller than they are. People who consume ketamine often suffer the same psychosis as people who have schizophrenia.


When people abuse ketamine in much larger doses, they may experience a ‘ket-hole’ or a ‘k-hole’ a popular term by people with ketamine addictions as they attempt to reach this sort of high. Higher doses can cause people to have extreme hallucinations which can lead to dangerous situations as they won’t be aware of their surroundings.


We’ve put together some of the most common signs that you can spot when you are starting to suspect you have a ketamine addiction or believe a loved one is:

When abusing ketamine for a long period of time, there are other signs which can be very damaging to your physical and mental health:

Treatments Available For Ketamine Addiction

If you start to worry that your ketamine addiction is seriously damaging your mental health and physical health to the point where it’s affecting your everyday life in a bad way or notice a loved one’s behaviour change for the worse that it’s hurting you and your family life then it may be time that you start reaching out for help through rehab.


Ketamine is highly addictive because it can give users a false sense of ‘security’ where they feel they can escape from the real world. When you abuse it for a certain period of time, you’ll start to build up a tolerance which causes people to up their dose to heavy amounts leading to a dependency where they need to consume the drug to be able to ‘function’ throughout their day. 


When you stop taking ketamine after building up a dependency, you will begin to start experiencing withdrawal symptoms that can be seriously uncomfortable and in some cases can damage your physical health if you have a severe ketamine addiction which is why it’s highly recommended that you never attempt to detox by yourself.


Some ketamine withdrawal symptoms you may suffer from are:

Treatments Available For Ketamine Addiction

Attempting to go cold turkey by withdrawing ketamine from your system by yourself can be dangerous, that is why it’s very important that you reach out to rehab where you can detox under medical supervision. Once you have successfully detoxed then you can begin working on the roots of your addiction and the triggers that cause you to consume ketamine.


Finding the causes of your addictions mentally can help you create defences that battle against your ketamine addiction as a lot of addiction is mentally and through qualified therapy, you can begin to learn more about yourself. There are many types of therapy that are available for those battling against ketamine such as CBT, Group Therapy, Fitness and many more.


The most effective form of rehabilitation is inpatient rehab where you will stay in a safe environment with medical staff and trained counsellors for an extended period of time – to begin your road to recovery today then reach out to our rehabilitation support who can give you the best advice moving forward for you or your loved one.

Frequently Asked Questions

We get asked a lot of questions about ketamine addiction and how is rehab able to treat a ketamine addiction, we’ve put together these frequently asked questions for you. If you have any questions or need more information, contact our friendly rehab team.

You can overcome your ketamine addiction through rehab but the first step on any road to recovery is admitting that you have an addiction. There are many rehab treatments available for you in the United Kingdom. If your ketamine addiction is starting to heavily affect your everyday life in a negative matter or you are witnessing a loved one throw away their life due to their ketamine addiction then it is best to reach out for help today for a rehab program.

Ketamine rehab will take some time, how long rehab will take for you truly depends on several different factors such as how strong your dependency is on ketamine and the amount you consume on a daily basis. You must go into rehab with the mindset that it is not an overnight fix and that recovery is something you must take seriously. On average ketamine rehab will last about 1 - 3 months but people seek further assistance well after that time period.

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