Alcohol Detox

Being sober can be difficult for someone who is dependent on alcohol. When a person quits drinking and the alcohol begins to leave their system, they go through an alcohol detox. Learn more here about how alcohol detox works and how rehab treatment can help kick your addiction today.

Learn More About Alcohol Detox

One of the first steps that you will take while in rehab is alcohol detox as it is needed in order to successfully treat alcoholism. By detoxing your body correctly you will flush the alcohol from your bloodstream, how long you will undergo detox ranges for each individual depending on a range of factors such as the severity of how much alcohol you have consumed on a daily basis.


Some people may suffer from withdrawal symptoms for longer than others but you will most commonly suffer from the most intense withdrawal symptoms 1 or 2 weeks in when detoxing it’s important that you stay strong and you will be able to get support immediately from staff inside the rehab centre if needed.


It’s important that the first step on your road to recovery is detoxing the alcohol from your system because once you have cleared the alcohol from your bloodstream completely, you will not only feel much healthier inside your body but you can then start to focus on the mental side of your alcohol addiction as addiction is mainly due to the mental side. Detoxing allows you to get more out of therapy where you can learn more about yourself and the causes of your addiction. 


Alcohol, even though is usually consumed during celebrations, is actually a depressant or as it can also be called a ‘downer.’ If you start to consume alcohol on a daily basis then your body will react by craving the substance in order to be able to ‘function’ throughout the day.


Being drunk on a daily basis, your brain eventually will stop producing certain chemicals that you get while drinking alcohol so you will in time start to become dependent on alcohol.


When quitting drinking alcohol for good, it will take a long period of your time for your body to start feeling normal again especially if you have a severe alcohol addiction where you consume a large amount on a daily basis.


When you cut out alcohol from your system, you’ll start to get withdrawal symptoms from not drinking alcohol as your body is not used to it. These types of symptoms include painful headaches, fever, hallucinations, irregular heartbeat patterns, shaking, nausea and many more.


Many people refuse to quit alcohol or can’t because of how powerful the withdrawal symptoms are when they attempt to do an alcohol detox. When you have abused alcohol for a long period of time, you face the prospect of extreme pain while withdrawing alcohol from your system so it is crucial that you reach out to medical professionals inside rehab centres who can guide you through the journey safely.


It can be extremely dangerous while going through alcohol withdrawals as you don’t know what kind of withdrawal symptoms you are going to experience at any given time, while in rehab you will be under medical supervision at all times from professionals.


Staff in rehab centres are fully trained and experienced in dealing with alcohol withdrawal symptoms and will be able to make your detox as pain-free as possible.

Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms

People suffering from alcohol addiction who are undergoing alcohol detox will suffer from a wide range of different withdrawal symptoms. These types of withdrawal symptoms can have a mild intensity but some can be fatal when not medically supervised. That is why it is recommended that you never attempt to go ‘cold turkey’ by yourself.


There are several factors that can contribute to the severity of your withdrawal symptoms such as the length of time misusing alcohol, the amount you consume and more. If someone has been drinking for a long period of time then they are more prone to severe withdrawal symptoms such as seizures when detoxing.


These are a few of the less severe signs of alcohol withdrawal that some people may encounter:

Among the most severe signs and symptoms are:

To avoid potentially harming yourself physically and mentally then you should always undergo detox in a rehabilitation centre with medical assistance. While in rehab, you’ll have trained specialists who can track vital information that includes your heart rate, blood pressure and more so they will always be in control of your condition.


While in rehab, you’ll always have access to talk to them if you feel that your withdrawal symptoms are starting to hurt. By giving as much information on your situation as possible they will be able to choose the best options moving forward to treat your alcohol addiction.

Finding Alcohol Detox Rehab Treatment

Are you looking to treat your alcohol addiction through rehabilitation and get detox treatment to successfully withdraw the alcohol from your bloodstream?


The most effective solution to treating alcohol addiction is through rehabilitation, there are many different types of rehabilitation available in rehab centres across the United Kingdom. We are able to get you the detox treatment needed in order to get you back to the healthiest version of yourself.


Get in touch with our friendly rehab support team today who will be able to listen to your current situation and give you options available on the best ways to treat your alcohol addiction through rehab.

Frequently Asked Questions

Looking to learn more about alcohol detox? We’ve created this frequently asked question section to answer the most common questions we get asked by people enquiring about alcohol rehab.

Yes, detox inside rehab will work for you. Centers for rehabilitation have the tools required to help you cleanse your body of alcohol. Before taking any further action, this must be completed if you desire to undergo a path of rehabilitation and sobriety. Effective alcohol detox and treatment programmes come in a wide variety. It's crucial to choose one that will best meet your specific requirements.

You can go to rehab to receive treatment for your addiction. If you need assistance and direction in being sober, this is the place to go. It's crucial that you decide to stop using alcohol and start working on your recovery, but it's also crucial that you have someone to support you as you go through this process. A rehab will be able to offer this kind of assistance and equip you with the skills necessary to stop drinking.

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