Cannabis Addiction

Do you feel that cannabis is starting to affect your everyday life or know a loved one who is suffering from a cannabis addiction? It can be difficult to break free from this addiction but you don’t have to do it alone. Get help from our expert rehab team who can get you back to the healthiest version of yourself.

What Is A Cannabis Addiction?

Cannabis addiction has increased throughout the United Kingdom and isn’t spoken about enough due to the stigma behind it. Known under several different names on the street such as weed, mary jane, bud, grass and green. Its original name Cannabis comes from where it originates ‘Cannabis Sativa.’ It is a mixture of stems, dried leaves and flowers.


It is an illegal substance, though it is highly attainable. The most common way of consuming the cannabis substance is by smoking it in a rolled cigarette form or smoking on a pipe or ‘bong.’ You can also consume cannabis baked in food or even brewed into drink form.


Many people seek out cannabis as it gives out a relaxed, ‘chilled’ feeling, this is due to the effect on the brain’s nervous system. Cannabis gives individuals an increased hunger that causes them to consume food and it is known in popular culture as the ‘munchies.’ The ‘euphoric’ feeling that the drug gives off can cause people to lose their surroundings.


One of the main reasons that cannabis addiction is overlooked in society as many people believe cannabis to be a harmless, mild drug that can be consumed to take the ‘edge’ off. It is a mistake to think of this drug as harmless as consuming cannabis frequently in large doses for long periods of time can seriously affect your physical and mental health.

Signs Of Cannabis Addiction

There are many different signs and symptoms that come when misusing cannabis. Different types of signs can vary depending on the individual and this is through a number of reasons such as time of use, how much they are using and many more but there are common signs that you can spot early so you can get help through rehabilitation.


The cannabis substance can stay inside your body’s system for a long period of time so you might start to discover signs earlier and later than others depending on the person.


These are some of the most common signs that you can look out for when dealing with a cannabis addiction or if you are starting to suspect you have a cannabis addiction:

When Should You Reach Out For Help For Cannabis Addiction?

If you are starting to suspect you have a cannabis addiction due to being unable to stop consuming cannabis to the point where it is starting to damage your physical and mental health or if you know a loved one who you believe has changed due to smoking cannabis on a frequent basis then it is best to start reaching out for rehab to beat cannabis addiction.


Cannabis is a highly addictive substance which gives an effect on the brain’s nervous system that they need to smoke or consume cannabis in order to feel ‘normal’ and helps them get on with their everyday life. When consuming cannabis on a daily basis your body will start to adjust to the constant dopamine hit that creates a feeling of achievement but too much of this dopamine can be dangerous as it’s unearnt and make you crave an easy solution such as cannabis.


When you start to take cannabis out of your daily life after being adjusted to it then it can lead to serious mental health problems such as depression, high anxiety or paranoia.

Rehabilitation For Cannabis Addiction

There is hope in treating your cannabis addiction as there are many rehabilitation options out there to successfully get you on the road to recovery. It’s key that you seek out professional help from rehab centres and get treatment by trained medical professionals who can give you verified advice through years of experience as attempting to detox and wean yourself off drugs through unverified advice can lead to a relapse.


The most effective solution in treating a cannabis addiction is through rehab. Inpatient rehabilitation allows people to be in a safe environment where they can detox and later undergo therapy where they can learn more about themselves and the triggers that cause them to consume cannabis.


Reach out today to our rehabilitation support team who can help guide you on your best options moving forward or help a loved one get into rehab.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve created this section to answer the most frequent questions we get asked about cannabis addiction and cannabis rehab. If you have any more questions, please contact our expert rehab team.

Yes, rehab does work for cannabis addiction. Cannabis addiction shouldn't be taken lightly as it is a very serious condition that affects many people across the United Kingdom but isn't talked about enough. Rehab programmes can help those struggling with cannabis addiction and help them break free of addiction thus improving their health and quality of life.

Rehab for cannabis addiction can be a process that lasts from a month to three months. There is no set time on how long rehabilitation for your cannabis addiction will take as it varies depending on the person there are several factors that you will have to consider such as the length of time smoking cannabis, and the amount you smoke on a daily basis and much more. Rehab is the perfect way you can stop smoking cannabis once and for all and begin to take back your life.

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