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Do you have a loved one who is suffering from cannabis addiction, or are you battling against cannabis addiction? It might be exceedingly tough to overcome a cannabis addiction, but with cannabis detox, you can begin reclaiming your life now.

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Speaking out about a cannabis addiction can be challenging to many people looking to replace their current lifestyle with a substance-free lifestyle. As cannabis is the most favoured drug in the UK, you are certainly not on your own with your cannabis addiction.


Typically, young adults indulge in this illicit drug and sometimes don’t even realise it is illegal. With it being so prevalent in the UK, it is easy to see why addiction has skyrocketed the way it has.


Here at AnorMed, we’re looking to spread the message that this addiction can be treated and for people who are dangerously affected by this drug – that there is a way out. A professional detox with this drug is the procedure that must be taken.


However, before we get into how the detox from marijuana will work, we feel as though explaining the drug addiction and the signs to spot the addiction is paramount in your knowledge to make a full recovery. Contact us immediately if you have any concerns.

What is Cannabis Addiction?

The apparent acceptance of cannabis in the UK creates a dangerous environment for people to think it is okay to smoke consistently. In fact, with research, 30% of users will deepen their frequent use of cannabis.

If you then begin to smoke this substance, the effects of cannabis will become more apparent as time goes on. The feeling of this high is one of relaxation and happiness for some people… and for others, it can be filled with panic and paranoia.

In the US, certain states are beginning to legalise this drug, which could danger to future society in many ways. The physical and psychological side effects of these drugs could potentially be life-changing.

Therefore, if you notice that you resonate with some of the signs that we mention below, it is crucial that you contact us as soon as possible so we can offer you the best treatment options via the rehab clinics we’re in contact with. Take control of your life today and contact us to get the ball rolling on your cannabis addiction treatment.

Signs of Cannabis Addiction

As everyone is different, added to the fact people are going to consume opposing amounts of cannabis at different times – signs of cannabis addiction will be varied. Let’s take you through some of the most familiar signs of addiction:


  • Feeling lethargic
  • Lack of attention to personal hygiene
  • Delayed responses to seemingly simple tasks
  • Loss of motivation/ mental health issues
  • Continuance of relapse, even when you don’t want to smoke cannabis
  • Untruthful about cannabis abuse


Of course, these are just a pick from the bunch of signs that are related to cannabis addiction – meaning there are many more.


However, if you even spot one on this list that you recognise within your daily life – please contact us immediately to help you secure a suitable rehab centre for your addiction treatment.

What is a Cannabis Detox?

The cannabis detox process can be acted upon in two ways. If you feel comfortable enough to detox with minimal assistance, we would recommend outpatient rehab treatment.


Whereas, if you believe you’re severely addicted to marijuana, we would advocate that you choose a medically assisted inpatient detox. With cannabis withdrawal symptoms being less life-threatening than other drugs, this still doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be taken lightly.


The abstinence from this drug may cause some unpleasant withdrawal symptoms if you’re extremely addicted, yet, once your body is used to the strain – a full recovery can begin.


Assisted support from the team here at AnorMed will be offered, along with your local rehab centre or the free NHS programmes that are offered too.


Taking this leap into this stage of addiction treatment, along with therapy and aftercare (following the detox) – you will be able to return to living a substance-free life again where you felt most happy.

Cannabis Addiction Treatment Process

As we previously mentioned, marijuana rehab centres will begin with the first stage, commonly known as the detox stage. Consequently, if you find yourself changing plans to cater for cannabis addiction, trying to dispose of cannabis but you can’t and many other signs – you require cannabis rehab.


In the next stage of the addiction treatment after you’ve dealt with your individual marijuana withdrawal symptoms (whether they have been medically supervised or not) – you will go through therapy sessions.


This could be cognitive behavioural therapy, support group therapy, private therapy or any therapy of your preference.


This stage in marijuana detox treatment aims to regain certain behavioural traits such as confidence – while expressing your thoughts and feelings to your therapist in order to decrease the risk of relapse.


Next, after you feel confident and your well-being is up to a state that you’re comfortable with, you will be offered aftercare/secondary treatment.


The primary focus of this stage is to provide previous inpatients with a plan of action outside of the rehab clinics so that they don’t get tempted to relapse and get swayed towards their old habits.


Your long-term goal should be to never return to the point where you are consistently smoking cannabis again. Seeing the side effects that it causes on your journey, along with how difficult rehab was the first time around should be the incentive to disregard this path.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you’ve learned all the dangers of cannabis and how to spot a marijuana addiction, if you feel that a lot of this information resonates with your current scenario – it is a must that you contact us for help.


Although you may think your situation is different and no one will listen to you if you tell them about your addiction – that couldn’t be any further from the truth.


Our team of professionals here at AnorMed are here with you every step of the way until you’re on a safe and trusted rehab programme that can change your life. Have any more questions? If so, there are a few below that may answer your quandaries.


Assuming that these don’t help, call or email us immediately. That way, we can give you advice on your next steps to get the addiction treatment you thoroughly deserve!

Cannabis detox may be necessary for heavy and prolonged users to manage withdrawal symptoms effectively. Quitting cold turkey can lead to uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms, such as irritability, insomnia, and anxiety. Seeking professional support during detox can make the process more manageable.

The duration of cannabis detox varies depending on individual factors such as frequency and duration of use. Generally, acute withdrawal symptoms may last for a few days to a week, while some residual effects may persist for several weeks.

Common cannabis withdrawal symptoms include insomnia, mood swings, decreased appetite, irritability, restlessness, and headaches. While these symptoms are generally mild compared to other substances, they can still be uncomfortable.

For individuals with mild cannabis use and minimal withdrawal symptoms, detoxing at home with the support of loved ones may be possible. However, heavy users or those with a history of mental health issues should seek professional help for a safe and supportive detox process. Medical supervision and counseling can be beneficial during the detox period.

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