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Is your employee currently showing the signs of a drug or alcohol addiction? It can be hard to know about the next steps to take in order to get them the help that is required through rehab treatment.

There has been a sudden rise in employees in all different types of business sectors across the United Kingdom that are currently battling against a drug & alcohol addiction and it can, unfortunately, cost a business in loss of revenue while it is most important that you get your employee back to their best mental and physical health – it can be difficult in helping a someone to get into rehab due to a number of different reasons. The best way to help an employee in your work is by understanding how addiction works so when you arrange a talk with them that comes across in a professional manner and sympathetic towards their current situation. 


Many businesses across the United Kingdom have created a strategy that they can use when an employee is starting to show potential signs of a drug & alcohol addiction that causes a massive loss in work productivity plus it is heartbreaking to see a trusted colleague change over time. By creating an addiction strategy in your business, it can be easier to address their addiction and get them the rehab treatment that they need.


Due to the massive stigma around people who suffer from substance abuse, it can be extremely difficult to get them the help they require due to the feeling of embarrassment and shame as it is easier to hide away from the problem they face. By creating a plan for your management team in case anyone starts to suffer from a drug or alcohol addiction when the time comes they will understand addiction and address the problem easier.

Why Should My Business Have An Addiction Plan?

You should always have a plan set in place for when an employee is struggling with addiction and help them get the treatment that they require in order to get back to themselves. They are laws that are set for when you start to suspect that an employee is taking illegal substances in your workplace.


By creating an effective addiction plan, you can teach your management on understanding addiction and it will give your employees the proper resources needed and finally make your workplace safe and inclusive for everyone.

Signs Of Substance Addiction

Your management team should be trained in knowing when an employee is suddenly showing signs of a drug or alcohol addiction. Once you suspect that an employee is battling against a substance addiction, you can start to get them the help they need while following your company guidelines.


As there are many different types of substances available, not every sign of addiction will be the same. There are though a few common signs that addicts show in their everyday behaviour and that can lead to them showing them in a place of work. 


These are some common substance addiction signs that you should notice –

How To Help An Employee With Drug & Alcohol Addiction

It can be hard to approach a trusted employee about a potential drug & alcohol addiction, it can be even harder for a workplace to address an addiction due to it being a very personal matter. Many employees can see it as their bosses pointing out their failures and you are just looking to tell them off for no reason but as management, you have to be prepared for any situation and for the best interest of your employee to address the problem as soon as you notice it for their health plus for your other employees.


These are some actions you should take when helping an employee with substance addiction –

Once they have decided that they have an addiction and that it is currently affecting their everyday life and work life, they have taken the first step on the road to recovery. The next step is finding rehabilitation treatment from rehab centres – get in touch with our friendly rehab expert team who will be able to put your employee in touch with a rehab centre that can get them tailored treatment based on their current situation.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have created this section to answer the most frequent questions we get asked when dealing with companies asking about rehab treatment for employees and what they can expect.

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