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Legal high addictions are becoming more and more prominent across the United Kingdom due to the easy access and them being able to produce the similar ‘highs’ that you would find in certain drugs such as cocaine, cannabis and more. You will find there are different types of forms that these legal high drugs are sold which include powder, pill form, liquids, tabs and capsules.


Many people can outright purchase these drugs online or in shops, they are not safe to be taken in human consumption meaning that they are sold as bath salts, plant food, incense etc. They have still found a way to be abused even if they aren’t for legal consumption. A lot of chemicals that are in these legal highs aren’t tested for safety so people that are abusing these sorts of drugs have no idea what they are putting into their body and the risk that comes with it. People even run a higher risk if they were to mix these legal highs with other types of substances such as alcohol.

What Are The Dangers Of Legal Highs?

Legal highs are extremely dangerous as they aren’t made legally for human consumption and the list of chemicals in the ingredients, it’s impossible to know what they contain. Manufacturers of these legal highs are frequently changing the ingredients so if someone overdoses on the substance, a doctor will find it very hard to treat a user showing severe side effects as they can’t pinpoint exactly what substance they have taken and the amount.


It’s hard to give an exact confirmation on how your body will react when mixing a dangerous legal high substance with other substances such as alcohol but it can sometimes become fatal. There are still major side-effects that come with taking legal highs which include anxiety, seizures, heart problems, potential brain damage and depression.


One of the biggest problems amongst legal high users is that due to the drug being easily accessible and how they are produced in large batches. Users will often take large amounts of the substance due to them believing if they take more, they will get a better ‘high’ by taking more you are not only seriously endangering yourself but addicts will build up a tolerance which will ultimately lead to a dependency on the chosen substance.

What Are The Types Of Legal Highs?

There are many different types of legal highs out there that you may have already heard about or seen, someone who is battling a legal high addiction may suffer from not only one of these drugs but several different substances at the same time.

Bath Salts

Bath salts are extremely potent central nervous stimulants. They produce a similar ‘high’ to meth and many people seek out bath salts as an alternative to the likes of cocaine given the much cheaper price range and how easy they are to get. This type of drug has a massive risk of addiction and potential overdose.


A more commonly misused substance that has become more prominent is Spice, when it first emerged it was a highly specific synthetic cannabinoid. But now it is often the term for all synthetic cannabinoids. The original less potent variation of spice gave off a sort of ‘euphoric’ feel similar to the effects of smoking cannabis.


The spice that is now being sold across the streets of the United Kingdom today is far more potent, dangerous and also highly addictive. If you abuse spice, you run a massive risk of potentially overdosing which can in some cases be fatal. Trying to beat a spice addiction will require you to seek out rehabilitation in order to detox correctly under medical supervision.


Inhalant drugs are chemicals that are found in gases, solvents, nitrates and aerosoles. When these certain substances are taken, they create mind-alerting effects to users which can be extremely addictive. There are many different forms of inhalants that can easily be sourced due to its legal nature and are often looked past as it does not have the serious stigma behind it such as cocaine, heroin etc. but this type of addiction can be just as dangerous.


Abuse of certain inhalants over an extended period of time can lead to serious physical & mental health risks such as organ failure, brain damage, depression and has been found to lead to death.


Some inhalant drugs that are commonly misused and abused by people are nitrous oxide gas found in whipped cream canisters, glue, poppers and more.

Get Treatment For Legal High Addiction

There are wide treatments available to help treat a legal high addiction, the most effective solution will be through rehabilitation where you are able to successfully detox under medical professionals and undergo therapy by trained counsellors. Through therapy, you will be able to talk through your problems and find the root of your addiction plus what triggers you to crave the substance to avoid any potential relapses.


Through speaking with our friendly rehab support team, we will be able to get an assessment on which options would be best for you as people suffer from addiction in different types of ways so you will require a tailored plan based on your current situation and personality.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve put together this section to answer the most frequently asked questions that people talk to us about when reaching out about battling a legal high addiction or questions about what rehab entails.

Legal highs, also known as new psychoactive substances (NPS), are synthetic drugs designed to mimic the effects of illegal substances. They can be addictive due to their impact on the brain’s reward system and chemical structure, leading to physical and psychological dependence.

Signs of legal high addiction may include increased tolerance, withdrawal symptoms (e.g., anxiety, agitation), neglect of responsibilities, social isolation, and persistent cravings for legal highs despite negative consequences.

Yes, legal high addiction can be treated effectively. Treatment options include behavioral therapies, counseling, support groups, and sometimes medication-assisted treatment (MAT) to address withdrawal symptoms and support recovery.

Yes, legal high addiction can be dangerous, as these substances often have unpredictable effects and may lead to serious health issues or overdose. The legality of these drugs does not guarantee safety, and seeking professional help is essential for overcoming addiction safely.

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