Ketamine Detox

Although many people may think there is no way out of ketamine addiction, there is always hope via rehab, one of the main aspects of treatment is a safe ketamine detox. Find out more about rehab treatment facilities can perfom a safe detox and how you can treat your ketamine addiction today.

When it comes to ketamine addiction, it can be challenging to speak out about your worries – whether that be you or a loved one who is associated with ketamine abuse.


Often, you may feel embarrassed to speak out about your cravings for ketamine, yet, there are many others in your situation who need help too. With it being popular among clubs and raves, it is easy to see why young people are requiring a ketamine detox.


Here at AnorMed, we’re looking to present a way out of this dangerous addiction with a ketamine detox – which is a staple in treatment plans all around the country.

Giving you access to all the information, accommodation and people you need to make a speedy recovery will help the detox process be as easy as possible.


Below, we’re going to take you through the details of a ketamine detox and how you can deal with your addiction. Contact us today to make the first step today!

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What is a Ketamine Addiction?

Unfortunately, ketamine is a psychologically addictive drug and can often lead to ketamine addicts increasing their dosages drastically on a consistent basis.


This higher dosage leads to a psychological dependence on ketamine which then is classified as a form of substance use disorder – even though it should be a controlled substance.


Once you use this substance via sniffing or snorting, the effects will go straight to your brain in around fifteen to twenty minutes which will then alter a multitude of receptors in your brain causing the foreshadowing effects.


Ketamine is also used in the medical field in controlled environments, but illegally taking this drug can lead to short and long-term negative physical and psychological symptoms – that can become irreversible if not cared for properly.


If you feel as though you want to dispose of ketamine from your reality but keep on relapsing and taking it upon yourself to buy more – you may have an underlying drug issue that requires addiction treatment.

Symptoms of Ketamine Addiction

The intense cravings for this drug can be life-threatening and that is why here at AnorMed, we feel it is paramount to educate those who take ketamine – so they can speak out about their addiction.


Let’s run you through some of the symptoms you may be facing now if ketamine is an ordinary occurrence in your life – so you can determine whether you may need to reach out to us or not:


  • Feeling constantly tired
  • Can’t feel physical pain
  • Memory loss
  • Depression
  • Consuming just to relieve stress
  • You can’t stop even though you want to
  • Get comments about your appearance or behavioural change


These are just a list of some of the symptoms that many people experience when they have a psychological dependence on ketamine.


Whether you decide to get treated via inpatient rehabs or outpatient treatment – contact us today to get some advice on what the next steps are to combat your addiction.

What is a Ketamine Detox?

A ketamine detox consists of faithful abstinence from the drug – meaning that you’ll have no access to the drug. A withdrawal process will then occur, with withdrawal symptoms ranging from mild to serious (depending on the amount you consume or frequency of consumption).


The ketamine withdrawal timeline will solely depend on these factors above, so the detox process can typically take anywhere from 3-10 days. Yet, before the detoxification process even begins within ketamine rehab, the professionals will decide whether you will have a medically supervised detox or a ‘self-detox’.


Most of the time, it will be a medically assisted detox, as the withdrawal symptoms can become uncomfortable at times.


Although this will be a gruelling procedure, high heart rate, regular seizures, infection of the heart valves and many more severe health problems could be the resulting consequence to your well-being (if you don’t put yourself through a ketamine detox).


To book your appointment and start addiction detox treatment at a trusted rehab centre within your local area – call us immediately and all solutions to your problems/issues can begin today!

Signs You Need a Ketamine Detox

Here at AnorMed, we’re always answering potential questions and queries that people have about addiction and sourcing them personalised rehab programmes with their local rehab clinic.


With ketamine, that is no different. If you’re noticing some of the signs we’re about to present – you may be in need of a withdrawal from ketamine, promptly. Here are some of the signs that are being noticed by our team and doctors around the UK.


A few of the main signs that you need a ketamine detox is that you’ll often spend a lot of the day thinking about how you’re going to obtain ketamine, yet you may deny that you’re using this substance to your family and friends.


Additionally, you may feel as though your life is beginning to revolve around this substance and any plans you make with anyone must be a way that you can use and abuse ketamine. What you used to enjoy in terms of hobbies and interests can quickly become a distant memory, as your life may revolve around ketamine.


Physical, mental and psychological issues are not something you want for the rest of your life. A problem shared is a problem halved – and we can get through this together using our extensive range of contacts.


Now, if you notice any of these signs reoccurring during your daily life for you or a loved one, please do not hesitate to reach out to us via email, our phone number, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you have learned more about these addictive drugs, what they can do to you and how the rehab treatment centres we’re in contact with are going to help you – reaching out should not be a burden.


Millions of people suffer from addiction due to opposing circumstances and every story is willing to be listened to. Our expert team will spend as much time as you need to book yourself for a recovery process, as that is what we’re here to do.


If you have any more questions, we may be able to answer you via our frequently asked questions. If not, call or email us and we’ll be there 24/7 for your support!

Following a detox programme can dramatically lessen the effects of Ketamine. Detoxification is the process of eliminating poisons from the body, in this case the Ketamine. This can assist to alleviate some of the symptoms of ketamine use and addiction, such as cravings and withdrawal symptoms. It is fairly uncommon for people to have a variety of unpleasant side effects when discontinuing ketamine usage, therefore it is critical that you get expert help during your detoxification process if you want to offer yourself the best chance of recovery.

Your addiction treatment professional can assist you with your detox process by giving counselling and assistance even after you leave the rehab centre. Rehab centres provide aftercare support to help keep you sober, and you may continue to talk about any concerns related to your ketamine addiction because rehab personnel have dedicated their lives to helping those battling with addiction, and their duty does not end when you leave.

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