Cocaine Detox

In order to start getting back to your best physical and mental state, you’ll need to withdraw any trace of cocaine from your system through detox. See how rehabilitation centres will be able to safely detox you in a drug-free environment so you can start healing today from this terrible affliction.

To start getting back to the healthiest version of yourself, you’ll need to completely flush cocaine from your system through cocaine detoxification. Cocaine addiction is known to be one of the hardest addictions to kick due to the heavily addictive chemicals that are produced inside your brain when you abuse cocaine on a daily basis. Unfortunately, addiction isn’t something that you can get rid of overnight, it is a hard road to get your physical and mental health at its best – it’s important for no cocaine to be in your system so you can focus on beating your addiction and through a safe cocaine detox under medical supervision inside a rehabilitation centre it is doable. 


Through detox, when you remove cocaine substance from your substance you will experience withdrawal symptoms with some being extremely painful. Many cocaine addicts try to stop taking the drug but will have uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms that drive them to retake cocaine in order to feel ‘normal.’ When inside a rehabilitation centre you will have access to support to help you through the strong cravings when you are detoxing.


There has been a sudden rise in cocaine addiction in the United Kingdom – it can not only be seriously damaging to your physical health but you can face long-term damaging mental health problems such as depression, anxiety and more as the chemicals that cocaine produces when taken can destroy the structures of your brain.


That is why the cravings when detoxing are strong as they crave the release of dopamine inside their brain. The most effective way you can beat your cocaine addiction is through rehabilitation, speak to our support team who will be able to find you the correct rehab centre based on your needs and situation – start the road to recovery today.

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What Will Happen During My Cocaine Detox?

When you start to abuse cocaine on daily basis for an extended period of time, you will start taking a lot more of the substance in order to feel the same effects that you felt when taking cocaine for the first time which later develops into a full-blown dependency and cocaine addiction where you feel you need to take cocaine in order to feel ‘normal.’  


To get back to the healthiest version of yourself, you will need to undergo a cocaine detox which allows your body to have a ‘full rest’ and get back to producing natural chemicals inside your brain. 


While you are undergoing cocaine detox, you will begin to experience withdrawal symptoms – the severity of these cocaine withdrawal symptoms will depend on a number of different factors such as the amount taken on a daily basis, your genetics and many more. 


Here are some common withdrawal symptoms that you may experience when undergoing a cocaine detox inside a rehabilitation centre:

These symptoms will reappear several times during the cocaine detox process so be prepared to face these symptoms head-on.


You may suffer from any of these withdrawal symptoms several times when you are undergoing a cocaine detox but through rehabilitation, you will always have support from dedicated staff who can help you through the withdrawal symptoms.

Cocaine Detox Timeline

It’s hard to say exactly what the timeline will look like for your cocaine detox due to not everyone’s the same so your journey through recovery won’t always be the same but there is a common timeline that can show you what you might experience going through cocaine detox.

1 - 6 Hours After Last Use

The effects that you get from cocaine can wear off a few hours after last taken meaning you will start to experience some withdrawal symptoms within the first couple of hours after last use – some of the symptoms could be anxiety, mood swings and headaches.

3 to 5 Days

Known as the most testing time of a cocaine detox – it’s key that you stay strong during these times and remember why you are trying to beat this terrible affliction. While you are detoxing, it’s key that you stay hydrated so you will be supplied plenty of water in rehabilitation. 


This period is when you start to feel the most intense withdrawal symptoms such as uncontrollable urges, tremors, strong feelings of sickness and heavy depression. Remember that you always have support from your rehabilitation who can help lend a helping hand through these trying times and you can raise any concerns that you are feeling – they are not here to judge as cocaine addiction can affect any person in any walk of life.

7 to 14 Days

While you may still experience physical withdrawal symptoms, they should be a lot milder now but these days can, unfortunately, be very mentally draining for people. You will be getting support through your rehabilitation plus friends and families will be able to talk with you which can help boost morale. It’s crucial that you battle through any cravings in your cocaine detox so you can safely heal your mental and physical health.


Some symptoms you might experience during these days are cocaine cravings, fatigue and an overall lack of motivation to do activities which is often due to the fatigue mentioned.

4+ Weeks

Through these days you will start to experience your body and mind start to significantly improve, from time to time you may get the odd urge for cocaine or some anxiety but you are working through your cocaine addiction problems through forms of rehab therapy treatment – that can help you learn more about yourself and find the root of your cocaine addiction.

Getting Cocaine Detoxification Treatment

We recommend never attempting to detox from cocaine unless it’s under professional rehabilitation treatment as some severe withdrawal symptoms can lead to a relapse and potentially can even be fatal. We are able to put you in contact with the correct cocaine rehabilitation treatment through our extensive rehab network in the UK so you can begin to safely detox and work on your addiction in a safe environment.


Cocaine detox is just one of the important steps that you need to take on the road to recovery. The most effective treatment for treating cocaine addiction is through rehab centres as you can detox and work on the psychological problems of your cocaine addiction in therapy.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve created this section to answer the most common questions we get asked when dealing with rehab enquires to help give you more clarity before you start your cocaine detox – For any questions that you still have then please contact our friendly rehab support team who can answer questions you may have.

Because it enables your body to rid itself of the toxins left over from cocaine usage, detoxing is a crucial step in beating cocaine addiction. Even if you might desire to stop using cocaine, if your body is still loaded with it, you won't be able to. You may start your recovery process and start rebuilding your life more quickly by detoxing.

A detox is a strategy to help your body recover from the effects of drugs and go back to normal. Depending on the intensity of your addiction and other variables, detoxing from cocaine may take days, weeks, or even months. You may detox from your cocaine addiction while in treatment. Stopping cocaine use is the first stage, after which one should concentrate on becoming clean with the assistance of medical specialists. You can overcome any physical dependencies that have developed and take care of any unmet psychological demands with the aid of a detox programme in treatment. Cocaine users frequently struggle with withdrawal on their own, thus they require expert assistance during this period.

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