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What Occurs In Drug Addiction Recovery?

Drug addiction is one of the most difficult things for a person to have to overcome, especially on their own without any support surrounding them.


Developing an addiction to any form of drug is no slight on the character of a person nor does it show any flaws in their mental health, this can happen to any person so there should be no shame if you or a loved one have succomb to the effects of drug addiction.


Many people, when looking for rehab or detox services to help them through their addiction, may not know specifically what happens when you enter drug addiction recovery treatment.


Throughout this blog, we are going to be discussing the most important parts of the recovery process and what you can expect from the experience.


Important Things To Remember

There can be many different things that you worry yourself over however there are a few key things that you should keep in mind at every stage of recovery.


One major thing to remember throughout your journey is to think about the change your making. By this, we mean that you should keep the idea of changing your life for the better in your mind at every point.


This can be a key reminder for you to dissuade you from relapsing and is a very useful tool in keeping clean for a great length of time.


You should also keep track of your drug use, including how much you use it and when as this will be able to give you a good idea of how your addiction is affecting your life, encouraging a change sooner rather than later.


If you are unsure about whether you should or need to quit just yet, then you can always create a list of pros and cons that will help you make your final decision.

Treatment Options

When you are at a point where you are looking for addiction treatments, then you may be wondering what options are available to you that you believe could help you the most.


Continue reading to find out more about the different types of drug treatments that can be applied to all types of drug addictions.



In most treatment programs, drug detoxification is the first step in the recovery process as it is incredibly beneficial to completely rid your system of the drug as soon as possible.


This does, however, come with its fair share of withdrawal symptoms which will need to be managed but there will be plenty of support for you to help you through this grueling process.


Behavioural Therapies

Having a group of people to help you talk through your issues can be incredibly effective in helping you tackle addiction.


Whether this is just a session with family, friends or a complete group of strangers in a therapy session this can be very effective in repairing broken relationships and learning much healthier ways of coping.



There are many different types of medications that can help you cope with a variety of different withdrawal symptoms as well as being able to help you through any potential relapses or other mental health conditions.


Medications have been used in therapy of all kinds for many years and have helped a great number of people through plenty of drug and alcohol addictions.


Long-Term Follow-Up

This is one of the best ways in which you can prevent a relapse when the treatment is over and ensure that you maintain your sobriety long term.


These kinds of sessions will tend to include you attending regular meetings with an addiction specialist in order to determine how well your recovery is going.


Types of Treatment Programs

Along with the different options for treatment, there are a lot of different treatment programs for you to try out too which can help give you the support you need.


Residential Treatment

In residential treatment programs, you will be living in a neutral location away from work, family and friends in order to help you focus on your recovery process.


This also isolates you from any addiction triggers that may have been presented to you in your own home. These kinds of treatments can take any time between a few days or maybe even months.


Partial Hospitalisation

This kind of addiction treatment is specifically for people who may need to be medically monitored for a certain amount of time while detoxing from a drug.


This still provides people with the ability to live in their home so that you can feel comfortable but you will just have much more medical assistance than normal.


This program will involve meeting at a set treatment centre and can take around 7-8 hours per day.


Outpatient Treatment

This kind of treatment is very similar to that of Residential Treatments in that you will undergo the same treatments however here you will be able to go home afterwards and continue with work or school when you need to.


The treatments will occur during the day or the evening depending on your schedule but you will be able to go home afterwards and will not be required to stay overnight.



Overall, there are so many different kinds of treatments that you can choose from when looking for relief from a drug addiction, you just need to decide which you think would be best for you.


When deciding which of the above treatments you think you should take, there is plenty to consider from you work schedule/potential time off to the effectiveness the treatment itself may have on you.


If you are in need of some help with your addiction but do not know where to start, our team can help you get started on your road to recovery and get you in touch with a drug rehab centre in your area.


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