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Exploring Addiction Symptoms For Ketamine

Ketamine addictions are an incredibly dangerous form of substance abuse that can seriously affect a person’s life for the worse.


This term refers to a person who has continued and sustained usage of ketamine over a prolonged period of time regardless of the negative consequences that it presents to the user – whether this be breaking bonds and relationships or causing themselves physical and mental harm.


Throughout this blog post, we are going to be talking about some of the signs of a ketamine addiction, the most worrying symptoms you may come across and what you can do to find yourself help.


What are the Signs of a Ketamine Addiction?

Ketamine addictions tend to affect people differently depending upon the severity of the addiction and the environment in which the drug has been taken.


There is, however, a small selection of ways in which you can figure out whether you or a loved one may be prone to feeling the effects of ketamine addiction in the near future.


As ketamine dissipates from the body the cravings to retake it become stronger and more intense as time goes by.


This means that the abuser is required to take more of the drug in order to feel the same physical and psychological effects as last time.


When you come to find more and more ketamine being taken in one sitting then this can be one of the earliest telltale signs that you may be vulnerable to succumbing to ketamine addiction.


Ketamine is also very commonly used with other psychoactive drugs which greatly increases the potential risks that a person faces.

Psychological Symptoms of Ketamine Abuse

An addiction to ketamine comes with its fair share of side effects and symptoms that you must be aware of in order to truly take this seriously.


One of the key symptoms that many ketamine addicts tend to feel is that they become increasingly anxious and depressed when not taking the substance, this is one way that you can tell an obvious addiction.


If you also come to find that you are feeling much more paranoid or fearful for an unknown reason, this can be caused by excessive ketamine use and is likely to be the root of your problem.


Another of the more worrying affects that ketamine can have on the body is that it can cause you to hallucenate, seeing or hearing things that aren’t real despite not being a hallucenogenic drug.


People who are addicted to ketamine are also commonly affected by frequent episodes of memory loss and states of confusion due to being unaware of what has happened during their high.


Behavioural Symptoms of Ketamine Abuse

Now that you are aware of the psychological symptoms to look out for, what kinds of behaviours should you look out for in people around you that you may fear have an addiction to ketamine?


One of the most obvious signs that you should look for is the continuous use of ketamine at home and in social situations, an addict will always look to use the substance at most times in the day and this can be a key thing for you to notice in order to put a stop to this before it gets out of hand.


You should also ensure that the user is not mixing ketamine with other drugs, as we briefly mentioned previosuly, because this can lead to more bodily harm as well as addictions to even more substances in total.


If the person in question seems to want to quit taking ketamine but cannot seem to stop, then this is a definitive sign of an addiction and you should get in touch with a rehab centre as soon as possible, whether this be for yourself or someone else.


You must treat these all with the utmost respect and care as it ca be very easy for a drug user to begin being incredibly secretive with their drug habits, which is another sign that could mean they are addicted.


Physical Symptoms of Ketamine Abuse

Among all of the other symptoms that people have been showing that you may or may not have noticed, physical differences before and after a ketamine addiction are incredibly easy for you to notice.


For instance, some of the most common physical characteristics that someone may present when in the midst of a ketamine addiction are an increased heart rate and breathing difficulties.


These two key symptoms are so important in the development of an addiction as this could mean that you have already developed your addiction. These will present themselves after a prolonged period with consistent use of the drug during this time.


One of the much more serious symptoms that you may experience is that ketamine addictions can cause you to lose complete control over your motor functions, eventually leading to complete paralysis. This is a perfect example of how dangerous these kinds of addictions can be when left to their own devices.



Ketamine is one of the most common addictions that people from the UK develop, luckily there are a number of great recovery programs from rehab centres across the country that can help you get through this with as much support as is needed during detox.


Addictions of all kinds can have a detrimental effect on a person’s mental health which is why getting the correct drug addiction treatment as soon as possible is vital to the rehab process.


If you fear that you are experiencing some of the above symptoms of ketamine addiction or even any ketamine withdrawal symptoms then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and we will do what we can to ensure that you are in contact with a addiction centre in your area to help you get out of this difficult situation.

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