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How Long Does Rehabilitation Take To Treat Addiction

If you are struggling with a drug and alcohol addiction, you might have come across rehabilitation to help treat your addiction but one of the main concerns we hear from people is that they are concerned about how long will they be in rehabilitation, especially those who are still currently working or have a family to look after as they fear long time away could be damaging. It is a legitimate concern that one may have before they reach out for rehab for their drug or alcohol addiction. Getting treatment for your addiction should be your number one priority in order to get back to the healthiest version of yourself and start living a more fulfilling life. While we understand that you feel that time constraints may hold you back, recovery should be at the top of your list for yourself and the loved ones around you.

Our team here at AnorMed can help you get started on your road to recovery. When someone enquires about rehabilitation, a common question is how long will it take for rehabilitation to treat their addiction, this is difficult to give a straight answer as there are a few factors we take into consideration such as the severity of your addiction, length of addiction, finding a therapy that suits your personality and more. 

When you reach out to our friendly rehabilitation support team, they will ask a few questions in order to get a bit of background for your addiction in order to get you the ideal treatment for your substance addiction. We’ve put together this article today to help those who are worrying about how long will rehabilitation will take to treat their addiction to give more insight into the route to recovery.

Finding Rehab Treatment For Your Addiction

The most effective form of rehabilitation is residential rehab (inpatient rehabilitation) which gives those suffering from alcohol or drug addiction a safe environment to heal physically and mentally. This is more suited to individuals who have had a long-standing history of substance addiction compared to those who haven’t reached a high-level addiction. Those who haven’t reached a high level of addiction may be served best by going through outpatient rehabilitation where there aren’t many ‘time restrictions’ as you can focus on rehabilitation while being in the outside world.


The time that you will be involved in residential rehab will be discussed with you in your initial assessment with the rehabilitation centre. Those suffering from substance addiction will have to undergo a supervised medical detox to treat their addiction as detox helps cleanse the body completely of the substance. This treatment will usually last 1-2 weeks depending on the severity of your addiction.


Many people will require just detox then you can organise time away to be back in one week or two but we recommend that you are cautious in that approach as substance addictions who need detox will usually have a severe addiction that will require follow-up treatment such as therapy to help work through their addiction as substance addiction is a highly mental health affliction.

How Long Does Residential Rehab Take?

If you need more than just detox, the most effective treatment would be in residential rehabilitation. This will usually involve your detox and following your safe medical detoxification, you will undergo therapy, there are different types of therapy. Residential rehab centres will have mental health professionals who will be able to find a therapy that is tailored to your personality for more success.


The shortest programs will usually last four weeks and that is including your detox. The longest residential rehabilitation programmes will last about 12 weeks. How long you are recommended to stay in your rehab program will be determined by your clinic when you first arrive. There are economic factors that will be taken into your account for how long your treatment is. We recommend that if you can set aside a bigger budget for a longer stay then you will definitely benefit from the extra time to fully heal and work through your addiction.


That isn’t to say that if you have a shorter-stay that your long-term success of recovery will be lower. As we stated in the article, the length of your rehab treatment heavily depends on your current situation and the severity of your addiction. If you were recommended a four-week stay by your clinic but have discovered that you don’t feel fully ready to be discharged and require more time to heal then if there is space allowed and your budget allows it, it should be okay for a prolonged stay. When discharged, you will have access to aftercare and community services that help you stay sober.


Substance addiction isn’t something that can disappear overnight and you will battle with addiction for the rest of your life but rehabilitation helps give addicts the tool and skills in order to live a sober lifestyle. In weeks and months after your rehab treatment, you will undergo further treatments that have been assigned by the clinic tailored to your program.

With aftercare, you are still undergoing rehabilitation but you will not be residing in the clinic as before. This helps you integrate recovery into your everyday life so you can live a normal substance-free lifestyle. When your aftercare programmes have been completed then you always have access to community support groups where many former addicts speak or people in recovery to help talk through their problems with people who recognise their struggle. Many former addicts have found these community support groups to be successful in order to maintain a substance-free lifestyle.

If you need help finding the appropriate right treatment for your substance addiction, we are here to help you. Start the road to recovery today by reaching out to our friendly rehabilitation support team who will be able to put you in contact with the right rehabilitation centre. You should know that you don’t have to walk down this road alone and there is always help through rehab.

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